means 'Land-Water' 
in Sumerian, the ancient language of Babylon.

Mesopotamia has always been a melting pot, starting from the most remote times of human history. Such situation brought alongside chaos and destruction. Why Babylon was destroyed? Why Mesopotamia is still land of war? At the end of the day, it is because of its resources. 

In Ancient Greek Mesopotamia means 'between rivers', while in Syriac it means 'land of rivers'. Land and rivers create fertility, which is the hidden concept of my project.

Fertility was at the same time the fortune and the condemnation of Babylon, its source of power and the reason of its destruction.

Digital Printed on Polyester & Silk.   I used  Chaotic Atmospheres ' s Eroded Leaves to make this pattern. 

Balsa, used in the details with a special technique.
Photographer  I  Carolina Prieto
Model  I  Nayra Vales
Mau  I  Laura Manganiello
Retouch  I  Hazal Kurtulus

If you want to learn more, do not hesitate to write me.

Thank You !!

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